From superfoods to probiotics, we’re learning that nature has everything we need to keep our bodies healthy - and that doesn’t just mean what we eat. Around the world, from Arctic forests to sun baked deserts, scientists have discovered plant ingredients that deliver real skincare benefits. Inspired by these discoveries, Natures Alchemist was born.

NATURES ALCHEMIST is a superior blend of nature and science. Formulated to be suitable for vegans without parabens and gluten, the collection is tailored to meet specific skincare needs with each product containing multiple active ingredients. Infused with fresh, vibrant fragrances, and dressed in simplistic packaging that looks great in the bathroom, we’re a fun brand with a serious purpose. And because we believe animals are not ingredients, Natures Alchemist products are ALL vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and never tested on animals.

In 2018 NATURES ALCHEMIST won Best Face Mask at the Attracta Beauty Awards for the Balancing Clay Face Mask 

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